Cop in Washington State shoots two unarmed black men; protests ensue

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OLYMPIA, WA - Is history repeating itself so soon?

Another police shooting involving a white officer and unarmed, black suspects has led to protests and violent clashes in the streets. The latest shooting happened in Olympia, Washington, about 50 miles outside of Seattle. Olympia police say one of their officers, Ryan Donald, was responding to a call about two men in their 20s stealing beer.

Police say the officer involved saw two suspects who fit the description on the report, and moments later a shootout ensued. The two suspects were each shot in their chest but are expected to be okay. The police department says Donald fired at the men after one of them attacked him with a skateboard.

Thursday night, peaceful protests about the shooting turned violent as police tried to break up a fight among the crowd. Protesters threw rocks and bottles at law enforcement in the streets.

Now, the local sheriff's department is investigating the officer's account of the shooting.

It is another police shooting that has people pointing the finger and raising tensions across the country.


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