Police officer gives dog mouth-to-mouth after river rescue

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SALGAR, COLOMBIA - Salgar, Colombia is a muddy mess. Heavy rains triggered a massive landslide Monday that left more than 80 people dead, and 37 hurt. Rescue teams were searching for survivors when they saw a dog being tossed around in a raging river of mud. His amazing rescue was caught on camera.

It looks like certain death, until a policeman jumps in to save him. Without a slight concern for dog breath, the officer begins the mouth to mouth. Moments later, the dog is back on its feet (but just barely).

Officers bring the poor pooch to a make-shift 'clinic' for a quick check-up and fix him up with some fluids. Then, just like a baby, an officer carries him across a field to a truck, where he's whisked away to a much safer, drier place.

The lucky dog will make a full recovery, and will likely never forget his brush with death, and the hero who brought him back to life.

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