Study: lyrics of popular songs are written at a third grade level

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SAN ANTONIO, TX - Now let's turn our brain off, folks.  Yes, let's dumb it down, because we're gonna talk about pop music.

The sports and entertainment website reviewed the lyrics of 225 hit songs from the last ten years, and came to the conclusion that on average they're written at a third grade level.

Country music, rock, pop and hip hop, in that order, are apparently hitting new lows as time goes by and marketing requires it.  But to be fair, the analysis only takes into consideration the simplicity of the words used in those songs and not the content or poetry contained in the texts.  Analysts used the Readability Score app for the study.

Maroon 5, Kanye West, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Shinedown, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and way below the bar, Ke$ha, might be very good at what they do, but it looks like their songs won't give your reading skills a stretch.  Perhaps it's time we revisited some of the good oldies, such as Steve Wonder, Queen or The Rolling Stones.  Without a doubt, they've got the swagger, and the lyrics.

Are you listening, Bieber?  Don't worry: it's just the sound of silence.

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