Jewelry robbers attack, family fights back, robbers flee empty-handed

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ALPHARETTA, GA – You just know that things aren’t going well when a masked man approaches you.

Well, some masked men are okay, but not for one family of jewelers in Georgia.

It all started at the Windward Parkway Marriott in Alpharetta, Georgia as a North Carolina family of jewelry dealers was getting ready to leave with tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise.

An SUV pulls up. The driver gets out and starts pepper-spraying family members.

"They just sprayed everyone at once. It was burning, I mean I thought it was acid for a second,” said a family member who didn’t want to be identified. He also did not want the bad guys to get away with his goods.

"I was able to catch one of the guy and pull down his mask and tear his shirt and beat him a little. I don't know, just human instinct. I mean, I don't go down without a fight."

While he’s fighting the robber, a female family member takes back one of the jewelry cases.

Besides leaving behind the merchandise and at least one shirt, this would-be robber left behind his face on surveillance video. Cops hope to use it to put this robber away.


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