Everyday heroes: man jumps into flood waters to try to save lives

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HOUSTON, TX - With Houston under water, it was a difficult day for its residents and rescue services.

"This is the worst flooding that we've seen in 38 years," said Maplewood North resident Harry Okabayashi.

On Tuesday, some folks in Southwest Houston, inside the Loop, woke up in the middle of the night as their homes were being flooded.  Images that could make for a movie were a real nightmare for the families that lost everything in minutes.

"Everyone is safe," said Luke Dwork, "and that's all that matters."  The water ruined all of his home's carpets and hardwood floors.

During the night, some motorists couldn't see the water on the roads and ended up stranded.

"We came from Dallas last night," said Alan McKinney while his car was being towed away.  "We drove through the water unexpectedly: we didn't see it."

It's in critical moments like these that the help of neighbors is needed most.

"We're coming in with some vehicles, pickup trucks and kayaks, and going house to house or to where we know there are people that are elderly or with children," explained Michael Gross, a Willow Meadows resident who helped organize the community efforts.

And it's in moments like these when ordinary folks take risks to try to save lives.  A car near 610 and Braeswood was completely covered in water and bystanders believed two individuals were trapped inside.  Roberto Salas didn't hesitate and jumped to the rescue.  Fortunately, nobody was there.

"I wanted to check if there were people in the car," expressed Salas after his dive.  "But I checked it myself and there were no bodies inside.  I'm happy that I can swim, so I can help my neighbors."

For better or for worse, this day will be a day to remember.

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