Florida mom arrested for drunk driving, breastfeeding kid while driving

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL - Have you ever heard a story and thought 'This can't get any worse,' and then it does?! Well, this is one of those stories.

A deputy in Volusia County, Florida pulled over 33-year-old Cateria Thomas because she had expired tags. Then the deputy noticed she had a kid in the backseat that was unbuckled and bouncing around. Then the deputy noticed Cateria smelled like booze, so he gave her a field sobriety test and she failed. Oh, but before she could do the test, she had to stop breastfeeding her kid. Yeah, she was breastfeeding her other kid while she was driving. Then she told the deputy she wasn't drunk, she had just eaten too many burgers that were marinated in whiskey.

Cateria was arrested and charged for a number of things, and that's how she became our Dumbass of the Day.

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