My car has been towed due to flooding; now what?

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HOUSTON - There were plenty of Houston drivers who were forced to abandon their cars last night, thanks to the torrential downpours, that we're still dealing with today.

What if you left your car in one spot though, only to find it's not there today!?!

No need to retrace every footstep of your watery journey home. If it was left on the highway it's probably already been towed.

General Manager of Apple Towing, Dave Huber, told NewsFix "...[The] rain started hitting around 9 or 10 o'clock. Since that time we've towed about 455 cars. "

If you're still looking for your set of wheels Huber says call 713-308-8580 to find out where your ride may have been towed.

The city says they're working to get flooded or abandoned cars off Houston's highways first. However, next come the fees.

Here's the breakdown of what you can expect if the city towed your car Monday night.

The tow itself costs $162.50, but don't leave your car for too long. Storage fees can add up quickly, averaging a $20 per day fee. Not to mention you're going to need something to ride around in until your car's all dried out.

So, pack your patience and head towards the rental signs.

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