Caring outshines destruction as ordinary people help each other

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HOUSTON, TX - The recent downpours left a lot of damage behind but allowed kindness and caring to surface. In the Brays Bayou area, ordinary folks stepped up to help those in need.

Donniel Ogorek doesn't see himself as a hero for rescuing many neighbors in peril.

"We were just the ones that Robert Levy happened to get a photo of us doing the first rescue of the day and decided to send it out somewhere, and it went viral...I think I just was enjoying myself, so I wasn't really viewing it as a rescue mission of any sort. There were at least four or five other boats, other rafts that I had seen going around the same neighborhood that we were."

In the end, he and shipmate Morgan Davies helped those people in distress.

"We rescued in total, I think about eight people," added Ogorek.

But high waters continue to threaten the area. In the Northshore Subdivision, there are watchful eyes on the San Jacinto river as it came out of its bank.

"Most of the people in the neighborhood are ready for it. This one kind of caught them by surprise because it happened between 11pm and 6am and they just weren't prepared," explained Chris Juneau.

While in Wharton, for now, the community is still under a voluntary evacuation as the Colorado River still threatens the town. The heavy rains may be over, but the anxiety is not.

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