Controversy over t-shirt might be all upside down

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Grego talks about the recent t-shirt controversy with PACSUN when they featured shirt with upside down flag, but that is only code for distress so what's wrong with that?

"The upside down American flag t-shirt story we did has lots of you talking. To recap - retailer PACSUN received criticism for selling the tee featuring an image of the American flag upside down.  Many comments saying; though it`s in poor taste, America offers people that kind of freedom, right or wrong.  I like to learn something new every day and thanks to Shannon Marie`s tweet pointing out quote, `there`s nothing wrong with it, an upside down flag represents a country in distress.`  She`s right by the way, it's in black and white in the U.S. code of laws which makes you wonder if someone at PACSUN knows exactly what the t-shirt's message is and is trying to spread the word. Something to think about.. I mean it is true, we are a country with a lot of problems, broken government, deteriorating race relations, enemies infiltrating intent on destroying us, debt up the wazoo, etc., but don`t cry!  Smile and live your life! Be aware, just don`t get sick over it. Chances are you and I will live out the rest of our lives and our children too, relatively unaffected, and beyond that with future generations we`ll all be too dead to care, so be happy!  For the record, initially I said I wouldn`t wear an upside down American flag t-shirt but I`ve changed my mind and I`m gonna find one on-line to buy and wear. I think we all should. Use it as a conversation starter to inform others who are oblivious to what`s really going on!"

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