Crane-style defeats tiger-style at China wildlife park

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HANGZHOU, CHINA – Crane-style kung fu, or tiger-style? Which is best? That’s a question long debated by martial artists.

And now we may finally have the answer.

Strong winds blew a crane into the tiger enclosure of China’s Fuyang Wildlife Park, recently.

At first, it looked as if the tigers were going to get a free meal, but the power and direct attacks of the tigers could not overcome the speed and elusiveness of the crane this time.

In fact, just when it looked like the tigers were going to get the best of the crane, the bird turned and, using its best crane-style moves, beat back the beasts and kept them from make the crane their next feathered feast.

Proving that on this day, at least, crane-style is best.

But we know that when it’s all said and done, panda-style will win the day, Grasshopper.

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