Day laborers in high demand due to emergency efforts

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HOUSTON, TX - It's all gone with the flood.   The neighborhoods near Brays Bayou were devastated in Memorial Day's heavy rains.  Many residents had to say goodbye to furniture, carpets, books, toys and memories.

But after the storm, it's time for reconstruction.  Volunteers from all over town are pouring in to help.  So are contractors who come to fix the electrical systems, check the plumbing, remove carpets and install new floors.

"My crew and a bunch of other crews, we're out here, working pretty hard," expressed Joshua House of Service Master Clean.  "There's a lot of water here."

And while these services are in high demand, the emergency efforts are also increasing the need for day labor.

"Absolutely," said independent contractor Paul Sandoval.  "The demand is just exaggerated: we're just pulling people from anywhere."

And "anywhere" could be street corners where usually foreign workers offer their skills, word of mouth among friends and relatives, or referrals from other companies.

"They're hard-working people," explained Sandoval".  "Today we've hired 15 laborers, but there's always need for more."

Initiatives to help neighbors are multiplying.  Without a doubt, these communities will rise again.

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