Keep your dogs away from mushrooms

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We're all entitled to a case of the rainy-day blues by now. It's important to remember, however, that we're not suffering alone. Our pups are right there by our side. When the sun shows its face again, we'll all be thrilled to go out and play.

However, fungus is having a heyday with all this rain. Why is this important? When it's finally time to enjoy the outdoors again, there should be an influx of mushrooms on the ground. Fun to look at, but downright deadly for dogs.

Houston mycologist, Dr. Jason Dobranic is also the  Vice President of Microbiology & Life Sciences at EMSL Analytical, Inc. and he says of the thousands of different types of mushrooms that can pop up around South Texas, only a dozen or so are actually fatal. However, Dr. Dobranic reminds us that even non-poisonous mushrooms can make your dogs sick. So keep them away from the fungi, on general principle.

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