Man wants city to pass smelly gas ordinance

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PENDLETON, OR – In about a month, recreational pot smoking will be legal in Oregon. But one town recently passed an ordinance that could be a buzz kill.

That would be Pendleton, where someone toking up legally could get hit with a $500 fine if cops receive a complaint about the dope smell coming from the property.

Apparently, it’s only cool to inhale your own smoke in Pendleton.

That bud of information apparently caught the attention of one Pendleton resident.

A man calling himself Peter Walters was so moved by the city’s consideration of second-hand pot smoke that he wrote a letter to the local newspaper, the East Oregonian, suggesting the city wake up and smell the fart.

“While farting may be legal in Oregon, many, including myself are offended by the flatulent stench,” he wrote.

He went on to point out that homeowners and business people don’t contain farts to their property, forcing others to put up with the smell.

Pendleton’s top cop Stuart Roberts has said the” subject of smells has a very subjective standard.” In essence, some smells may not bother some people.

But he was talking about the way Mary Jane smells.

No word of whether the Pendleton city council will pass on the gas, but you can count on us to bring you the breaking news when we get wind of it.

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