California police force pregnant woman to the ground, cuff her

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BARSTOW, CA -- In the past few months, we’ve been flooded with evidence of police behaving badly. The latest video raising concerns is a little different from the rest. The woman being arrested is eight months pregnant.

The ordeal happened at a Barstow, California elementary school when two parents got into an argument apparently over the car pool lane. Police were called and when the pregnant mother was asked her name by police she refused to disclose her full name.

Thanks to footage taken from the officer's body cam we can see how quickly the situation escalated, and it's quite alarming. The video shows the pregnant woman being forced to the ground and handcuffed despite her blood curdling screams to police that she's pregnant and didn't want to lose her baby.

The arresting officer charged her with resisting arrest but a judge later dismissed it. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl and and even though the charges against her were dropped, she says that doesn't change the ridiculous use of excessive force that was used.