Even wildlife is affected by the wild weather

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HOUSTON, TX- Many people are still reeling from the effects of this week's storms, but they're not alone. We've shown you the Wildlife Center of Texas where many orphaned wild animals have been given refuge and are being brought back to health.

Debbie Mitchell, Operations Director of the Wildlife Center of Texas explained, "We're concerned about little guys getting knocked out of their nests, and flooded out of their burrows and such. They get cold, they get wet, often fire ants will attack them."

With continued rain coming down, more and more animals are finding the Wildlife Center of Texas as their temporary home.

"On Tuesday, I believe we took in about 95 animals and we've been averaging about 80 a day since then."

The Center is caring for a young fawn whose mother drowned in a swimming pool. The fawn is being cared for until she can be released back into the wild.

But the Center needs your help.

"We're always open for volunteers, monetary donations are always welcome here because it's feeding a lot of little guys, also, they can go on to amazon,com, we have a wish list on there that people can purchase specific things for the wildlife."

In the meantime, keep an eye out for any animals in your area.

"Check inside logs to see of a tree has fallen because we do have little woodpeckers and little screech owls that nest in that. They walk around and see if there are little baby squirrels that have fallen, little rabbits that have been washed out of their burrows."

They are helpless creatures that just need a little extra TLC.