Gator catchers are seeing booming business thanks to the the flood

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HOUSTON, TX - Heavy rains, flooding, property damage… what else is on the menu?  How about alligators?

It looks like several alligators were spotted crawling around town lately, brought to you by the high waters.  Scary, isn't it?  The last few days have been busy for the nearly 80 gator catchers working in the Houston area.  They had to rush from one place to another to make sure Mr. Leatherhead does not trash your yard, or eat your dog.   But, other than that, there's no reason to panic: these reptiles are not big on humans.  Unless you provoke them, of course… or your name is Captain Hook.

"If you don't swim in alligator waters, you have almost no chance of ever being beaten in your lifetime," explained Gator Chris, one of Houston's most renown gator catchers.   At the time of this interview, he was keeping three recently captured alligators in his pickup truck, on his way to a farm.

So, what should we do in case an alligator pays us a visit?

"If you see an alligator, don't approach it," said Gator Chris.  "Don't get too close to it.   If you don't have the experience, if you don't have the license, you're gonna get beaten, and what's left goes to jail."

So, see you later alligator!  It's a cliché, but we had to say it.  After a while crocodile.