School is out for the Rockets

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HOUSTON, TX – The Rockets packed up for the summer Friday, and they’re hoping the next couple months off will be enough time to forget about the sting of the Western Conference Finals.

Even if the season ended on a rough note, the team is proud of their accomplishments. Head Coach Kevin McHale reflected on the season as he wrapped up team meetings on the Toyota Center.

“I thought the guys played hard all year. I thought it was a fun year to be around them. We were able to get to the Western Conference Finals, that’s not enough for us, we want to get better,” said McHale.

The Rockets have five free agents up for grabs this off-season, but the majority of the team said Friday that they’d like to see the roster stay the same, and be able to build on the chemistry they fostered in such a short time this season.

“I think that would be awesome if all of us stayed together. I know all of us want that same goal, and we saw how close we came this year, and we see that we have a great opportunity to get back there,” said Dwight Howard.

“I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like when we have the full season together, a full training camp, and see what happens,” added Trevor Ariza.