Search continues in Galveston for missing 12-year old who went swimming

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GALVESTON - It`s more bad news following days upon days of heavy rainfall and flooding issues. The body of an elderly man was found in the Houston Ship Channel overnight.

The 87-year old had been missing since Tuesday when the rescue boat he was on overturned in Brays Bayou.

The search is also over for a missing fisherman, whose body was found in Sargant, in Madagorda County on Friday.

The 51-year old was whisked away while fishing Thursday with two-other men in Freeport.

The men were surprised by the strong current of the Brazos River.

With the treacherous weather we`ve had this month, all bodies of water are much more dangerous than usual.

The Brazos River is currently dumping all of its excess water into the gulf, which might be what led to the disappearance of a 12-year old girl on a field trip in Galveston.

Dozens of people have joined the Coast Guard in the search for the girl who was last seen playing in the water with classmates Thursday.

But we can`t help but wonder how could a field trip to an ocean being pumped with flood water be a good idea?!!

Local charter school KIPP voyage had 20 kids at the beach being chaperoned by two-adults, one of whom was a life guard.

In a letter to parents the school wrote:

"At KIPP, safety is our highest priority. we want to assure you that we take every precaution on our field trips."

We realize that`s the school's goal, but safety first was obviously not implemented when they decided to go forward with a trip to a beach that is filled with more water and stronger currents than we`ve seen in years!

The search for the missing girl was halted on Friday night with still nothing found.