Study says being in love and being drunk are biologically the same

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BIRMINGHAM, UK - Whether you're head over heels in love or just sloppy drunk, it doesn't matter. A new study says these two "very different" mind altering experiences, have very similar effects on the brain.

Researchers across the pond, over at the University of Birmingham, compared two older studies. One, about the effects alcohol has on our noggin. The other, of the so-called "love hormone" Oxytocin, which we all produce during amorous times. Well, the Brits found that getting intoxicated and falling in love are, biologically speaking, kind of the same. Both can make you feel great at times. But more importantly, "both" have similar dark sides.

Yes! The negative side effects of both the "love hormone" and getting drunk include aggressive, boastful and envious behavior. Just think of all the overprotective boyfriends or the jealous girlfriends "love" unleashes on the world. Or, ever hear of "a crime of passion"? Sometimes devotion can get down right dark.

Still, comparisons aside, a person in love seems to be more in control of their emotions than say, an inebriated person. So to that we say; go ahead, make love not war. I'll drink to that!