Woman recycles first-gen Apple computer that ends up selling for $200,000

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MILPITAS, CA – When Snow White bit into the poison apple, it was just what the old lady wanted. Last month, a woman took an Apple she thought was junk to CleanBayArea recycling center in Miltipas, California.

"She brought like, two or three boxes like you can see on table with some stuff like wires, keyboards, some mices, some old stereo, something like that,” said Victor Gichun.

But among all that “stuff” was a vintage Apple 1 desktop, one of only 200 first-generation models from 1976.

That was a full year before singer Fiona Apple was born.

The recycle center ended up selling the Apple one to a private collector for $200,000. Now, they’d like to find that apple lady.

"I said, 'Do you need a pick up receipt or do you need a tax receipt?' she said, 'No, no I'm fine. Just want to clean up garage,’” said Gichun.

The company wants to give her half, which is what it does in these cases.

People drop off valuable items at places like the Salvation Army, from time to time.

“Right there on the floor, we have a 17th century parlor set. Five-foot chairs. We’re selling it for $3,000, but it’s definitely worth five figures," said Charles Sapp.

So this is a lesson for all us to take another look at that junk you’re ready to throw out or give away, because you know what they say: one person’s junk is another person’s money maker.

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