84th Texas Legislative session comes to an end

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AUSTIN - More guns plus more weed equals more Texas laws. In Austin, after nearly five months, the 84th Texas Legislative session has come to an end.

Among the 11,000-plus bills debated at the Texas state capitol, two in particular that passed remain at the center of the conversation, open carry and marijuana.

On Monday, Texas governor Greg Abbott said, "I am honored to sign SB 339 into law."

Senate Bill 339 was awaiting the green light since January. It now allows a limited use of medicines with cannabis-based oils on epileptic patients.

Legislature passed more than 5,000 of the bills, nearly half of what they discussed.

Another highlight, $800 million for border security. One bill passed that brings a sigh of relief, property taxes are being slashed by an average of $125.

That might not sound like much, but after all the recent flooding throughout the state, especially in Houston, pretty sure homeowners affected could use every extra penny.