A website lists nine weird causes people claim for divorce

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HOUSTON, TX - 'Til death do us part. Yeah, right! It's a widely known fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Some of the usual suspects for separation are having an affair and financial reasons. But according to Prevention.com, there are far "stranger" scenarios that can send spouses packing. By looking at several different studies, the publication collected what they claim are "Nine Really Weird Causes for Divorce". So grab a lawyer, these might pertain to you.

If you have a long commute, your marriage might be in trouble. According to Manisha Mayani, a licensed professional counselor intern at Houston Relationship Therapy, "Traffic affects you. It can definitely affect you mood. So going home and being more irritable than you would normally, and maybe not being able to communicate with your partner like you usually would, could end up in having a disconnect in the relationship."

Here's another one. Some folks claim they got divorced because all their friends were doing it. Mayani explains, "If you have people around you that have been divorce before, it can be more of an option. It's more of the norm."

Then there's this; someone in the relationship claims they're missing the "love hormone". According to Mayani, "So the love hormone, or the cuddle hormone that we call oxytocin. So not having that present can make it more difficult to feel close, to feel connected and to feel love by your partner."

Want some more? Having a firstborn "girl" as opposed to a firstborn boy, if you share the housework equally with your spouse or if you "drink" more than your partner. All these can all be deal breakers! Lots of reasons why. Seems like saying "I do" is the hard part, but saying "I'm out" seems relatively easy.