Cleanliness of Huntsville Sonic is questioned

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HUNTSVILLE, TX - Cali Luna posted an appetizing picture on her Facebook Monday night, holding a banana shake from Sonic in one hand, and in the other, a bag of what she says were two tapeworms that had been inside the drink.

“Monday evening, my fiance went and got me a banana shake from the Sonic, and as soon as he walked in the door, he said 'I think we have a problem'... so he showed me and sure enough there was a worm, maybe an inch or so long,” Luna said.

Luna spoke with the manager at the Huntsville Sonic on 11th Street, where she bought the shake.

“I called the manager and they said 'We're very sorry, we're going to shut everything down, we're going to clean the machines,'” Luna recalled, but she says the drive-in didn't stop serving after they said they would.

The Huntsville health department says they caught wind of Luna's Facebook post. A health inspector contacted Luna, but she had already thrown away the Sonic cup and baggie from Monday night.

The health official also visited the Sonic for an inspection, and, in a statement Wednesday, reported that the drive-in passed the inspection, and that “no traces or parasites, worms, or tapeworms were found."

Sonic also issued a statement, saying they believe the items Luna found were likely strings from the banana used in the shake, and were mistaken for something else. However, Luna insists what she found were worms because they were moving. Either way it's a story that's pretty hard to swallow.