Former teachers accuse HISD of rampant grade-changing

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HOUSTON, TX - Only two of 21 seniors expected to graduate from Houston's Hope Academy Charter School will do so after an investigation by Houston Independent School District.

A review turned up significant irregularities in students' records, according to the district. Of 68 student records its team looked over, HISD took issue with 36 of them because of credit restorations, grade changes, course deletions and course additions. The school board will consider terminating its charter contract with Hope Academy on June 11.

This comes as HISD itself is under fire from former employees who say administrators asked them to boost grades for failing students. Those former teachers want whitleblower status for providing information that could lead to federal charges against administrators.

"We had some teachers leave last year and the reason why those teachers left is because they were asked to change those students' grades. [They were] good teachers," said Bonnie Miller, a former HISD librarian. "You all are not aware of what's going on and it's important that you know what's going on in the school system."

You'll remember, Westbury High School's principal was fired after he allegedly asked a substitute teacher to change the grades of several failing students.