Hooters waitress donates kidney to loyal customer

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ATLANTA, GA - You go to Hooters for the wings, right? Of course you do. Yours might come with a side of fries, but for one Georgia man, his came with a kidney.

Donald Thomas, 72, is a long-time loyal customer, who always asks for the same waitress, 22-year-old Mariana Villareal. Mariana's grandmother recently died of kidney failure, so when she found out her best customer was in need of one, she didn't think twice about it. With a wing and a prayer, Mariana gave Donald the kidney he so desperately needed.

"People are interested because a 72-year-old man was able to snag a 22-year-old gorgeous Hooters girl," he said after the surgery.

Now, remember to tip your waitress, because she could save your life one day!