Houston man finds out wife’s casket resurfaced during floods

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HOUSTON - Experiencing the death of a loved one is already difficult enough, so having to bury them a second time only makes it that much more painful. Unfortunately, that's exactly what one Houston man is going through.

Richard Lee got a shocking call during last week's flooding in Houston. It was to tell him that his wife's casket had resurfaced because of the flood waters.

The 65-year-old widower got the call from a deacon at Riceville Mount Olive Baptist Church who informed him that his wife's casket had floated about 100 yards away. According to Lee, his wife of 37 years was buried in a sealed concrete vault back in 2007.

"Bodies are not supposed to come out of vaults if they're properly buried," said Annie McAdams, Lee's attorney. "He paid them over $11,000 for the vault and for the burial so something clearly went wrong here," McAdams said.

Lee is now suing the Robinson Funeral Home in Silsbee, Texas for negligence.

"We have our belief that the vault was not sealed properly and may not have been the proper vault for being 10 feet from the bayou," said McAdams.