New information released in deadly Amtrak accident in Pennsylvania

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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- When you hear about a train crash, that Philadelphia disaster probably comes to mind first, but Amtrak says there was another one that just happened in Florida, too.

FL train accident 0603This one's not major. Three people went to the hospital and are said to be okay. They were apparently in a car that crossed the tracks and cut off a train. The collision ripped off the car's back seat and trunk. Now crews are trying to figure out if the crossing arms were up or down.

On the subject of investigations, there is some new information on that Pennsylvania crash. The National Transportation Safety Board says a preliminary report shows there were no equipment problems on the train. They have not determined whether it was hit by something, but they are still checking it all out, and investigating the engineer's cell phone data.

Eight people died and more than 200 were hurt in that disaster last month.