Suicidal man in Austin blows up car, hurts cops

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AUSTIN, TX - We don't have to tell you that being a police officer isn't easy. They look danger in the eye and often go through hell just to keep us safe. Police officers in Austin narrowly escaped an inferno, in order to save a suicidal man, and it was all caught on police dash cam.

Austin police say they got a call from a man threatening to commit suicide by dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire inside his car. Officers tried to calm his burning desire, but it blew up in their face! Everyone was knocked off their feet, but the suicidal man got back in the burning car.

Once he realized that burning alive hurts like hell, he had a change of heart. Screaming and writhing in pain, officers dragged the man away from the fire. He was taken to a hospital in serious condition.

Two police officers had minor injuries; a miracle considering they almost had their faces melted off. The botched attempt to go out in a blaze of glory could have killed three people, and for that, the man will likely face charges for first-degree felony arson.

That's gotta burn.