U.S Customs & Border Protection helicopter shot near Rio Grande

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LAREDO, TX - Looks like someone at the Texas-Mexico border has really crossed the line.  Someone shot a U.S Customs and Border Protection helicopter in Laredo this weekend.

The shots reportedly came from the Mexican side of the border, and caused the pilot to make an emergency landing.

One witness even caught a glimpse of it.

"It was white with blue, so I think it was Customs. But, they were pretty low. They did about two turns, and then they just flew away. Then maybe about ten minutes later it came back but it was a lot higher," said Juan Maya.

The FBI says the chopper was hit several times during an operational flight near the Rio Grande, an area known for drug smuggling and illegal crossings.

Nearby residents say hearing helicopters is not uncommon, but gunfire comes as a surprise. Adriana Alvarez says her Laredo neighborhood is usually peaceful.

No one was injured in the shooting, but the shots sure have police firing off lots of questions.

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