Another hearse caught stopped with veteran in the back

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- Just last month we told you about a pair of bozo’s who stopped for coffee while transporting the body of a veteran to his final resting place.

Well a pair of funeral workers in Virginia Beach obviously didn’t hear about the backlash from that story because they did the same darn thing! This time stopping for lunch at a Hardee’s.

A customer snapped pictures of the hearse that was carrying Bobby Hill, a retired master sergeant with the U.S. Air Force. The pit stop happened around 11am, Sergeant Hill’s funeral began a couple of hours later at 1pm.  Just like in Florida, people were not comfortable with seeing the remains of a veteran being so blatantly disrespected.

The funeral home admitted the men broke company policy which states no body ever be left unattended unless in case of emergency. Sergeant Hill made it to his ceremony on time and the funeral home says the family was satisfied with the services they paid for.