Austin police officer takes man’s cell phone, pepper sprays him

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AUSTIN, TX - Sixth street in downtown Austin is no stranger to the combination of a lot of booze, tons of people, and bad decision-making. Cell phone video is making the rounds that seems to show not a drunken patron but an Austin police officer making the bad decision.

You can see a man filming the chaotic situation with his cell phone when a mounted officer snatches it from his hands. Seconds later,  another officer sprays the man with pepper spray right in the face.

The situation was tense and the cops were clearly outnumbered on the packed street that was even more crowded than usual due to the X Games festivities but from the looks of the video it seems pepper spray simply wasn’t necessary.

The guy is clearly reaching for his cell phone that was just aggressively taken from him and at no time does he ever touch the officer or the horse she’s riding on. Recording police is not a crime, so based on this cell phone footage it doesn't seem like the man broke any law.

The Austin Police Department says they are aware of the video and are conducting a review.