Life in an RV isn’t always a vacation

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HOUSTON - A family sitting out in front of an RV may seem like a nice retreat in the woods, except for one small detail. The Koonce family's travel trailer is parked in front of their flooded home in the Braeburn Terrace subdivision.

Heather Koonce explained, "Pretty much lost everything. Once the flood waters went down, we realized how bad everything was and everything was gone, and we were like, yeah, we need a home...I have two large dogs and the extended stay, even animal-friendly hotels will not take big dogs."

But that isn't the only reason.

"Because of the looters in the neighborhood. Not a couple of days after the flood that one of our neighbors nearby, they had stuff stolen from their home and obscenities written on their house, so we're going to protect what's ours," said Kailey Koonce.

But it's not all bad.

"You've got a kitchen, you've got a dining room. I mean, everything's in there, it's just in a much more compacted space."
according to Heather.

"We've had a lot of family bonding time just kind of working together," Kailey added.

The down side.

"You have to have someone come out and dump the septic system and I didn't feel like being out here, from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, in my bathrobe with the tube pointed at the street, going, I'm dumping it," described Heather.

And trying not to disturb your housemates isn't easy according to Kailey, "You take one step and the whole thing just shakes and rocks."

One thing's for sure.

"I don't see myself taking an RV vacation after this for quite some time," exclaimed Kailey.

But until the Koonce home is habitable again, this is where you'll find them.

For those seeking to get assistance from FEMA for the Houston floods, you'll want to head here.