Virginia breast cancer patient sues Houston surgeon over topless pics

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HOUSTON, TX - Doctor-patient confidentiality might soon have its day in court! A Virginia breast cancer survivor is suing a Houston based plastic surgeon, after the woman's son sees her topless "before-and-after" photos on the physicians website. What's up doc!

The woman (who is only IDed as Jane Doe) claims she saw Dr. Pierre Chevray for some "work" in 2004, after undergoing breast cancer treatment. According to the lawsuit, "Doe" asked the doc not to post her nude pics online, something many doctors do on the web as examples of their work. Of course, the photos should always be anonymous. But the cancer patient claims that in 2013 (almost ten years after the pictures were taken) her 12-year-old son Googled his mom's name during a birthday party and up popped her breasts in full view.

Both Dr. Chevray and his lawyer have declined to comment on this case. "Doe's" attorney has also not returned our calls. The suit is seeking damages of up to $1 million for the topless pics. No word yet on if the son's eyes have fully recovered. We will keep you abreast on this revealing court case.