Dogs pick up a scent near New York prison from where two inmates broke free

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WEST PLATTSBURGH, NY – The big search continues for escape artists Richard Matt and David Sweat.

They’ve been on the lam since drilling and sawing their way out of their maximum security facility in upstate New York near the Canadian border over the weekend.

The search area stretches from Canada to Mexico, but mostly in the northeast.

Authorities started concentrating their search within three miles of the prison after police dogs picked up a scent.

Searchers also found possible bedding, some food wrappers, and a foot imprint from either a shoe or a boot.

Authorities believe the plan called for a female prison employee to drive them to safety. But she got cold feet, and now they’re on foot.

Authorities shut down traffic along a New York state highway until further notice.

Police are conducting door-to-door searches and are telling residents living in the communities along the highway to stay indoors and keep their doors locked.

Authorities have put the pair’s mug shots on at least fifty digital billboards in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

They’ve also distributed wanted posters in Vermont after receiving information the pair may be headed to the green mountain state.

Meantime, about 500 law enforcement officers are going car-to-car and door-to-door as they close in on these two desperadoes.

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