Fees seem to be getting sky high when it comes to planes

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Grego sounds off on new fees and changes associated with airlines, but there's plenty of hypocrisy going on.

"People are ripping the airlines, after the announcement that Boeing will make bathrooms smaller on 777`s to squeeze in a few more seats to allow carriers to make more money. The New York Times says that at its annual summit in Miami Tuesday, the International Air Transport Association suggested a new smaller standard for carry-on luggage stowed in overhead bins - yup! smaller! You know where this is headed, eventually we`ll be checking all our bags for a fee - but don`t hate the player! The airline business has caused even the savviest billionaires to lose money trying to operate! Fuel and labor, about half of where airlines spend their money. Add non-labor costs, and price competition and it lowers revenues further. As important as air travel is to the country`s economy you`d think the government would assist carriers, right? Well check this out; on Wednesday, the White House office of management and budget approved new plans to regulate airplane emissions. That's right! A plan eight years in the making by the Environmental Protection Agency claiming planes affect climate change. Uncle Sam's hands around the neck of airlines strangling them to death. and yes the claim is absurd and we the flying public will pay regardless. Now the irony, the Air Force has chosen a $367 million dollar 747 as the new Air Force One! The longest airliner ever, described as a palace in the sky! Get this, one flight from Washington D.C. to Florida six weeks ago on the new behemoth emitted more carbon than 17 passenger cars would in a year. I know, it`s hypocrisy of the highest order but it is what it is.. you can`t fight city hall as they say!! Don't be the crying baby!! Just buckle your seat belt and prepare for takeoff! "

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