‘Homosexuality is a behavior’ billboard draws attention on Michigan highway

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WYOMING, MI - A billboard in Wyoming, Michigan is becoming the talk of the town.

The electronic billboard along US Highway 131 just outside Grand Rapids, reads, "Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right."

"We shouldn't define civil rights around a behavioral choice, cause otherwise if you feel really angry at somebody this day and you wanna take them out, somehow that's all of a sudden your right," said Mark Gurley, director of Michigan Oak Initiative.

Some feel the billboard is hate speech in the form of advertisement, but the man behind the message wants to be clear.

"What the billboard is not is, it's not anti-gay," Gurley claimed.

Many might find that hard to believe. The ad also shows people of various races with captions underneath that read, "Born Latino," "Born Black," "Born White," and "Born Asian."

Another photo shows a man's face painted like a rainbow, and reads "Not Born This Way."

The Michigan Oak Initiative hopes to compel Christians to fight for religious freedom and protect the first amendment.

They've gone as far as having the website restrainthejudges.com setup for opponents to send restraining orders to the Supreme Court.

Apparently, it's a timely message as judgment day approaches at the end of June for the Supreme Court to decide the fate of same-sex marriage in Michigan and other states.

"All the things that are happening in the world overall, really we have bigger things to fight than the LGBT community," said Monica Tomasik, a gay marriage supporter.

The Michigan Oak Initiative has plans to change the sign, but not the message. "Man plus woman equals marriage."

No matter what you believe, one thing we can all agree on, the rings surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage probably aren't going away anytime soon.

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