Last 911 call from woman swept away in Memorial Day flood

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WIMBERLY, TX – Hays County authorities have released the final 911 call from Laura McComb just before the angry waters of the Blanco River tore the vacation house from its foundation.

(Dispatcher) And you said it's in your second floor?

(Laura McComb) It's coming up to the second floor, I mean it's so high up. And we have no exit out.

(Dispatcher) Ok just make sure you don't go to the attic, so you don't get stuck okay? But I will get them out there as soon as I can.

(Laura McComb) Ok, bye.

Eighteen minutes later, a woman who may have been McComb called in panic. Her house was floating down the river. But the call cut out.

Then, about three minutes later, another call, this one from a man downriver.

(Caller) A house just went by on the river and there's a person in it with a spotlight.

(Dispatcher) You said there's a house on the river?

(Caller) A house. Yes, a house just went by through the river. And there was someone in it with a bright light.

Jonathan McComb survived the flood with a collapsed lung and broken bones.

Searchers recovered the bodies of his wife Laura and their six-year-old son Jonathan.

Four-year-old Leighton is still missing.

In all, the Memorial Day flood claimed nine lives in Hays county. Two people are still missing, both of them children whose families see their hopes for survival diminish with each passing day.

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