NASA says asteroid will not end the world in September, “as best as we can tell”

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LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA – The Internet is full of folks these days warning us that an asteroid is on a collision course with planet Earth and will get here around the Sept. 23 or 24, give or take a few days.

Some of this started in May 2014 when French foreign minister Laurant Fabius declared the world had 500 days to avoid climate chaos.

Since then, end-of-the world prophets, and conspiracy theorists have been trying to tell anyone who will listen that the end of the world as we know it will come riding on top of an asteroid.

Self-proclaimed prophet Efraim Rodriguez made an earlier prediction, back in 2010, when he sent a letter to warn NASA that an asteroid would hit near Puerto Rico, triggering earthquakes and tsunamis.

But now, he wants everyone to know that he is not behind this latest prediction for September, next May, or any other time in the future.

“Only the Lord knows the exact date,” he writes on his web site.

The Lord and NASA, maybe.

Rumor has it that the space agency has a whole room full of smarty-pants whose only job is to keep track of big rocks coming our way. And all this talk of a big asteroid bearing down on us caused NASA to say “as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

That’s hardly a definite “no.”

Nostradamus may have predicted that we’re already at the end of time, writing that the end will come with a dancing horse.

The end of the world, oppa Gangnam style.

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