Too much sex can kill???

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The French call it "le petite mort", or the little death. But no one knows how ominous an orgasm can truly be more than Antechinus. An endangered marsupial that lives in Australia. Well "lived" there, until he eventually dies from too much sex!

At least he goes out with a bang.

This half mouse, half sex maniac, was recently discovered down under, but it's uncertain how much longer these horny hamsters can survive. At only one-year-old, the male reaches his sexual maturity and tries to mate with as many females he can find. The dizzying orgy lasts about two weeks with Mr. Antechinus barely bothering to eat or sleep. Just crazy sex on top of more crazy sex.

Finally this testosterone-fueled, fornicating frenzy hits these little fuzz-balls hard. Hormone levels increase to dangerous levels. Their immune system starts shutting down, and in the end,  their broken and beaten little bodies disintegrate. You can say his climax has no happy ending.

But wait, there's more bad news!

Not only can all this "unsafe sex" kill off the whole species, their "humping" ground is also in danger of deforestation. Sadly, their territory is diminishing, but not their libido. Talk about a mood killer!

The future is uncertain for these little nymphomaniacs. Good-bye Mr. Antechinus, but like the old saying goes, you basically screwed yourself.

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