Texas bikers gather peacefully in Harris County

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HOUSTON, TX -Bikers from the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents Region 3 met peacefully Saturday for the first time since nine people died at a biker gathering in Waco last month.

Many of the bikers in Houston say what happened in Waco doesn't reflect the motorcycle community.

"We have hundred of these meetings every year, and we've had eight, nine thousand of these meetings in the last 30 years," attorney Joey Lester said. "There's never been any problems at any of the meetings until that one. It's a complete aberration."

"When a judge, jury and God get through with it, they'll find out that what happened up there was a complete sham," Gary Meschede added.

Hundreds of bikers from various groups attended the meeting at the Hawg Stop on Sheldon Road.

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