Georgian police kill white tiger that escaped Tblisi zoo during weekend flash floods

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TBLISI, GEORGIA – Police shot and killed a rare white tiger that killed a man at a warehouse in Tblisis. The big cat was one of two white tigers that escaped the city’s zoo during last weekend’s flash floods.

Police don’t know if the second white tiger is alive or dead.

Georgia’s prime minister issued a public apology, saying zoo managers told him all the dangerous animals were captured or dead.

That zoo lost about half of its animals, around 300. Some have been caught. Others died in the floods or were killed by police and local people with guns, which are quite a few in a country that has been fighting Russia for about 20 years.

An African penguin made it 37 miles down-river before being caught in a dragnet on the border with Azerbaijan.

Meantime, crews continuing cleaning up debris from the weekend floods that also killed 19 Georgians.

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