Liberty County woman claims she was raped when trying to buy belt online

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LIBERTY COUNTY, TX - Ever find what you thought was a good deal and it turned out to be bad business?

Getting a bad deal is the least of a Liberty County woman's worries after trying to buy a belt for her boyfriend from an online business called "Leather Works by Julie Rae."

When she showed up to complete the sale, the 19-year-old shopper says she was raped by two men last month.

"This young lady got on an internet sales type of a company, and through no verbal communications with these people, strictly by written word assumed she that she was talking to a female," said Capt. Ken DeFoor of Liberty County Sheriff's Department.

According to police reports, this so-called "business" wouldn't accept credit card payments but only cash, so the customer agreed to meet in person.

The victim says when she arrived at a remote location off FM 787, a black Nissan Frontier pick-up truck with no front license plate parked behind her car, so she got out and approached it thinking "Julie Rae" was inside.

That's when a black man allegedly got out from the driver seat claiming he was delivering the belt because his wife, "Julie Rae" was home babysitting.

Reportedly another man got out of the truck and both men approached her and forced her into the truck, drove away and sexually assaulted her.

Liberty County Sheriff's Department arrested 57-year-old Mikle Bernard Edwards and charged him with aggravated assault, kidnapping, and robbery.

Cops are looking for Edwards' alleged accomplice, believed to be a Hispanic man in his thirties.

Liberty County cops want to know if you've had any dealings with the so-called company "Leather Works by Julie Rae." They'd like to buckle this case up.

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