NC teacher resigns after reading fairy tale about two gay princes to class

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EFLAND, NC - A third grade teacher and an assistant principal resigned from an elementary school in North Carolina after some parents complained that a fairy tale about two gay princes was read to their kids.

"Parents have expressed a great deal of feedback on the issue and their feedback is, you know, some parents are in strong support of the book, other parents do not feel like the book was appropriate," said School Principal Kiley Brown.

Apparently, a student in Omar Currie's class was being bullied and was accused of being gay and acting like a girl, so Omar decided to use that as an opportunity to teach an important lesson.

"Where we are having a class conversation about the issue and how we as a class need to support each other," said Currie.

Little did he know, his teachable moment was about to turn into a harsh lesson as parents protested Omar's use of the book. But even though a school review committee ended up siding with Omar, the school's principal decided that teachers would have to notify parents about controversial curriculum from now on.

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