Officers at Ohio pool party being accused of using excessive force

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FAIRFIELD, OH -- For the second time in just weeks, another hostile arrest at a neighborhood swimming pool, but this time in Fairfield, Ohio. It’s not just one officer being accused of using excessive force like in McKinney, Texas but it’s several officers being questioned.

According to police, the ordeal started when  a mother with her children was told one of the kids with her was not wearing a proper swimsuit. The woman, Krystal Dixon, claimed she left and returned with a different swim suit but was still asked to leave.

From there local police were called and chaos ensued. Several people on the video can be seen resisting arrest and getting physical with police. Several  are outraged at the force used by officers but the Fairfield Police Chief stands by their tactics and says they had no choice but to use force to disperse the crowd.

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