Playing the Trump card

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Grego sounds off on Donald Trump who announced he was making a run at the White House in 2016.

"Guess who's trending?! The Donald, after announcing he`s gonna run for president. Trump won`t win but he is gonna stir it up! One problem with Donald Trump (among many problems) is Donald Trump. The guy he`s so full of! For me, he proved he`s not qualified for the Oval Office when during a radio interview, the host gave him a chance to discuss the real issues and instead, Trump took the conversation in the direction of how many people showed up at 'Trump Tower' to hear his announcement; the non-stop shameless self-promotion, he`s gotta feed that ego! We don`t need another narcissist! People are busting a gut over some of the things he said, but there are many who are intrigued with a President Trump. His personality and obvious love of country are part of it I think. That resonates with those who are tired of the country being downed and apologized for, weakened, and bullied by other nations. Much of what Trump spouts ( I believe) he borrows from talk radio, but he is confident, he`s a leader and he understands money and how to make it. Somewhere on the scale between Barrack Obama and Donald Trump, hopefully there`s a candidate that can bring the parties together, with a message all Americans can get behind and who will bring us back to the world Super Power we once were. A tall order, especially having to deal with the 'so crooked they`ll have to screw`em all into the ground when they die' Congress! Suffice it to say,the mood of the country is depressed. With hope, whoever gets elected, gives the U.S. a 'B-12 like' shot of good energy, and American pride with policies that will lead to prosperity."

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