Teen attacked by shark in North Carolina speaks out

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC - Just days after two teens were brutally attacked by sharks off North Carolina's coast, one of the victims is now speaking out about his horrifying experience.

"I was just in about waist deep water, I would say, playing with my cousin," said Hunter Treschel.

The 16-year-old was attacked by a shark about 90 minutes after it happened to a 13-year-old girl on the same beach less than two miles away. Even after a gruesome shark attack, this teen has still managed to keep a positive attitude.

"I can try to live my life the way I was and make an effort to do that even though I don't have an arm. Or I can kind of just let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin it in a way, said Treschel.

"Out of those two, there's really only one that I would actually choose to and that's to try to fight and live a normal life with the cards I've been dealt."

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