Houston AME Church sends support for Charleston victims

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The mood is suttle at Wesley AME -- one of over six thousand AME churches around the world connected to Emanuel in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine people were killed.

In the wake of the tragedy, this Houston church continues to pray for families of victims and right now their pastor says, that's all they can do.

"We know they're with the lord," said the Pastor of Wesley, Leo Griffin,  "but the families still suffer."

"We are deeply hurt," said first lady of the church, Mary Griffin.

"The agape kind of love teaches us to love regardless of what has happened to us."

Faith is strong for the members of this church but Pastor Griffin says race is the real problem in our nation that must be dealt with.
"My prayer is that our politicians, our Christian leaders,  will stand flat-footed and be bold to speak the truth in love about guns -- and about racism," said Griffin.

"Until Black and White people can come together to talk about these issues -- it will not get better."

Church members of Wesley AME hope the grieving families at their sister church can begin to heal.

"By us being a connectional church, when one of our churches hurt, we hurt," said Mary Griffin.

What happened in Charleston can happen anywhere as long as the same problems linger on.

"Race is a problem,  guns is a problem," the pastor says.

"Until we are willing to deal with that -- nothing will change."

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