Climate change is one hot topic

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Grego sounds off on the climate change, a topic that's gaining some heat.

"The subject of man-made climate change is getting hotter and it's still baloney! The pope linked man to it in his encyclical last week. It was announced, President Obama is now forcing the military to measure Arctic ice levels. I received an email and a report from Matt Truskey titled "My Experience with Global Warming" - a man who was there when the Greenland ice cores were drilled. He writes, to NewsFix - I was channel surfing tonight and ran across your program called 'NewsFix'. I caught a man barking an editorial where he was beating up the listener for not believing in what he proclaimed as fact. The part that really disgusted me was where he implied that 'global warming' was for real. (He misunderstood me because I've always been a man-made climate change denier) He sent pictures to prove he was there!! He writes, the fact is that the Earth`s temperatures change all the time. If you cut out a small section of the temperature time-line, you 'can' show temperature rising or falling. Instead of looking at the last 200 years, you need to be looking at the last 10,000 years (the stable years) and you would realize that the Earth has been a lot hotter in the past (relatively speaking). What good is science if you do not look at all of it? All the believers are looking at is a small 200-year snapshot of the industrial revolution and man-made appetites like cars, oil and power plants to blame it on. What is the true motivation? It couldn`t be for money...could it! You can see the full text on my Facebook page! And for the record I agree with Mr. Truskey. "

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