Data shows stoners surpass drunks on nation’s roadways

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HOUSTON, TX -  Less drunks are driving out on the road, but on the other hand more stoners are behind the wheel. That's the word from a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

It looked at weekends and found fewer weekend nighttime drunk drivers out on the roads. But a 4% increase of tokers on the streets have means they’ve now surpassed the number of drunks.

Trooper Stephen Woodard, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, says “We all know that alcohol is the primary drug of choice, when it comes to fatality crashes. We`re now seeing that marijuana is playing a part as well.”

It`s a big deal, especially in Texas, the worst state in the country for DUI fatalities.

One of the latest tests on how driving high compares to drunk driving was done at the university of Iowa.   It compared unimpaired, drunk and high drivers and found that while drunk drivers performed worse, high drivers still had problems with weaving within their lane.

If you think you can hide it - you can`t. Law enforcement knows what to look for. Trooper Woodard say it’s things like, “…driving on the shoulder , failing to maintain a single lane, driving too slow on the highways,... speed limit is 65 and you`re going 30.”

Even if weed impairs a driver less than alcohol, the law says driving under the influence of either is illegal, and your first DWI can cost upwards of $12,000.

What`s worse, if you wreck and it costs someone their life, that`s a debt you can never repay.

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