Fireworks are on sale, but don’t forget these safety tips

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HOUSTON, TX - You may not be thinking of 4th of July fireworks yet, but they are at Top Dog Fireworks, where today, they opened up for business. As a fundraiser Cypress Ranch High School band members are manning the showroom .

Sue Davis of Top Dog Fireworks explained, "Today is the first day of sales for fireworks for the 4th of July holiday. We'll be selling everyday up through midnight on July the 4th."

"It's a feeling when you get to see these things explode in the sky and you hear all the crowd ohhh, ahhh and it's a tradition too," said Skipper Smith who was shopping for fireworks.

But with all the celebration, we mustn't forget safety.

"Safety rules are just really common sense rules. You want to always read and follow the label directions. Very important to supervise children. you want to have a source of water. You don't want to try to relight a firework that doesn't go off. Don't aim fireworks at other people," added Davis.

Also important to remember, fireworks are not allowed within city limits. Fines for filling the sky with lights can range between $500 and $2000 for each individual firework.

"One good thing about all the rain we've had lately is that the ground is saturated, vegetation is pretty damp, it's not dry, so this year all fireworks are for sale," according to Davis.

At Top Dog, fireworks range from 99 cents to $750, covering a huge range of options.

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